[3:30am Noise] Where Was Trista Reynolds?

by Grace Wilson on June 27, 2012  

We gained so much insight in comparing Jeff Hanson with the 3:30am noise chart, I wanted to continue and compare Trista Reynolds’ as well. We know that Justin and Elisha DiPietro and Courtney Roberts were at the house. These comparisons help us find out where other players may have been, physically or mentally.

The stars tell us the following about Trista Reynolds on that fateful night.

1st House: The Querent (Trista Reynolds)

We start out with the 7th House (partnerships and hidden enemies) transiting over Trista’s 1st House.

Trista’s Ascendant is in Taurus, which is ruled by Venus. Therefore, Venus will be her significator. Venus in the 3rd House (communication and travel) could indicate that Trista was on the phone with Justin, or in the neighborhood, or even taking a short trip at 3:30am. It doesn’t appear as though she was at the motel however.

2nd House: Wealth & Possessions

Chiron (the wound) in Trista’s 2nd House (wealth and possessions) is found in the noise chart’s 8th (death and other peoples’ money). This placement in Gemini points to several things: communication, children, and possibly the person who wounds her.

3rd House: Communication & Travel

Trista’s 3rd House is found in the noise chart’s 8th House as well.

4th House: The End of the Matter

Her 4th House is found in the noise chart’s 9th House (law and justice).

5th House: Children & Family

Trista’s 5th House of children is also in the 9th, as well in Leo, indicating that Ayla was with her father at this time, or at least in his care.

6th House: Health & Happiness

The cup of Trista’s 6th House is conjunct the Moon and Mars of the noise chart’s 10th House (the public). The Moon can represent a child. Moon and Mars conjunct indicates fights and aggression; it is often an abuse marker.

These are also conjunct Mizar, which is connected with catastrophic fires (like the blazes here in Fort Collins) and mass calamities. This suggests that what happened to Ayla went terribly wrong in Trista’s eyes, and that she knew it would look bad in the public eye.

To make matters worse, this Moon is opposite Trista’s Moon (11th House, friends and society). This shows that society (the Internet) is further stressing the “calamity” shown in the 6th.

Trista’s 6th House is completely inside the noise chart’s 11th, showing that her happiness is tied to what happens in the noise chart’s society.

The noise chart’s Saturn, which can sometimes represent the body (which is appropriate, since it is found in the 12th House), is transiting here as well. Trista needs the body to stay hidden in order to be happy.

7th House: Partnerships & Hidden Enemies

Trista’s 7th House begins in the noise chart’s 12th House (secret enemies and self-undoing). This shows that her enemy is Ayla Reynolds’ hidden body. Trista’s Pluto is conjunct the noise chart’s Ascendant. Bob Mark warns us about this placement: “Beware of power struggles and manipulation that would shock a writer for soap operas.”

8th House: Death & Other Peoples’ Money

Conjunct Trista’s 8th House is the noise chart’s Mercury, the sign of communications. Still in Trista’s 7th, this shows her communication to be detrimental to what she may be trying to accomplish in the 8th, while also signifying her complicity in Ayla’s murder, since Mercury rules children. This could also show that Ayla is not dead at this point in time, but almost.

In Trista’s 8th House we find the True Node and the noise chart’s Sun (2nd House). This shows Trista’s fate and personal wealth are tied up in Justin’s (Leo = Sun) murder of Ayla.

9th House: Law & Justice

Trista’s crowded 9th House has the noise chart’s Pluto (2nd House) over it, conjuncting her Neptune. This is known as the “dream killer” placement. Her greed (Pluto in 2nd House) is killed by the law (Neptune in 9th House).

10th House: The Public

In Trista’s 10th House, we find Venus (Trista) in the 3rd House (communication and travel). To me, this is testimony of the removal and hiding of Ayla (Venus is square Trista’s Pluto in her 12th) and being in charge of what is to be said, and by whom. Pluto in the 3rd House means this fight could last a long time.

11th House: Friends & Society

The noise chart’s 4th House (end of the matter), True Node (fate of the chart), and Neptune are found in Trista’s 11th House. This tells us her friends on the blogs aren’t helping her any. It is conjunct Trista’s Sun as well. Cafe Astrology’s take on this is interesting:

Neptune transits conjunct Sun: Your personal sense of reality changes dramatically during the course of this transit. You are more sensitive than ever, and by transit’s end you may tap into your devoted nature. There is a strong desire for peace and harmony, and perhaps some sense that you have to make sacrifices for that end. The body itself is sensitive, and you must be cautious with drugs. You may behave in an impractical manner, or you may be vulnerable to deception or betrayal from others. You may undergo a crisis of identity during the initial stages of this transit, and the experiences you have may lead you to a more refined understanding of yourself and the direction in which you want to head. This can be a time of illusions and confusion, or it can be a very inspired time. Recognizing that you need more on a spiritual level can help you handle the transit more constructively.

Look for Leo in your natal chart, as the Sun rules Leo, and this is an area of life that will be directly affected by the transit (in addition to the house where the transit actually takes place).

Leo in Trista’s chart covers her 4th and 5th Houses (the end of the matter and children, respectively).

12th House: Secret Enemies & Self-Undoing

The noise chart’s Uranus (5th House) appears in in Trista’s 12th House. It squares Trista’s Saturn and Uranus in her 9th.

Uranus Transits the Twelfth House

Uranus here helps release you from unconscious habit patterns, perhaps stirring up your private life, and interjecting some unusual coincidences into your life. You might adopt unusual approaches to helping others, or find anonymous expression behind the scenes (perhaps through technology, the internet) rewarding. Events occur that cut you from past habits and attachments. Some will find, for example, that their “secrets” or private life become exposed in some way, and thus need to deal with letting go of certain elements of their lives that are no longer private territory. This whole process acts to slowly but surely detach you from the past in preparation for Uranus’ entrance into your first house.

Bob Mark adds:

Any sudden changes you want to make, while this transit is going on, are more likely to backfire. Not a good time to go hang-gliding. The same goes for your “hidden enemies”. People who are working against you will tend to do it via strange or unusual stunts.

Uranus Transits in Aspect to Natal Saturn

Saturn shows what you need to feel safe and secure. Uranus rules sudden, unexpected events and upsets. Any questions?

Uranus Transits in Aspect to Natal Uranus

A tendency to make changes just because you want to make changes. Control yourself. Actually, the harmonious aspects (the sextile and trine) can be pleasant and constructive. You start to get interested in new things and people. You horizons broaden. The stressful aspects (the conjunction, square, and opposition) can make you more restless. Remember, with Uranus the big danger is that you will want to make changes immediately, if not sooner. It’s the haste that makes waste. Slow down. As always, be sure to check the house that Uranus occupies in you birth chart, as well as the house where the sign Aquarius is located. These will indicate the areas of greatest change.

Trista’s Aquarius covers her 10th and 11th Houses and has her Sun (Justin) and Mercury (Jeff) there.

Finally, the noise chart’s Jupiter (the law, 6th House) shows up in Trista’s 12th House. It is conjunct both Trista’s Ascendant and her Jupiter (12th House).

Jupiter Transits in Aspect to Natal Jupiter

Jupiter expands whatever it touches. This transit will usually make you feel confident and good. The stressful aspects (square and trine) can make you feel too good and over confident. This can work out in several ways. You could feel so good that you get nothing done. Or you take risks that you normally wouldn’t touch with that proverbial ten-foot pole. What’s the best way to deal with transiting Jupiter aspecting natal Jupiter? First of all, don’t be lazy. Expand what you are doing. Learn a new subject. Start a new business. Take that long trip. Just don’t do it all at once! And you may have to force yourself to take normal precautions. For instance, don’t bet with your grocery money, even though you are really sure you’re going to win. Force yourself to check and double check details. You won’t want to, and that makes doing this more important. If you make an investment during this transit, try to be out of it Before the aspect is over. When Jupiter leaves, so can your “luck.” ~Bob Mark

Being so close to the Ascendant, we can see that with the 3:30am noise, Trista’s luck is leaving the building.

End of Chart.

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Gut feeling August 15, 2012 at 8:14 pm

Wow. After seeing Trista talking with Justin on some steps (outside a police station maybe?) and watching an interview with her (while her son was climbing over her on a couch), I just got the feeling she was involved. I’ve not followed this case very closely, but I was shocked when I stumbled upon this site and my “instinct” seems to match up with the astrology charts. Just wow.

Is there any way of predicting a date this case might be resolved? Poor Ayla.


Grace Wilson August 15, 2012 at 10:30 pm

No, as a fairly “new” astrologer, I don’t know of a way to predict when a resolution might present itself. I have looked at the charts of Justin DiPietro and Courtney Roberts (natal charts, time of birth unknown) and I definitely see jail in their futures. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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